Next-generation content distribution. Decentralized, fast and secure.

The Phantasma Protocol

Relying on third party services for something as critical and personal as email is dangerous.
Companies can be hacked, bankruptcies can happen and government entities can force access into emails.

And for those who create videos, games, music and other monetized content, giving up a large percentage of your revenue can be very discouraging. Additionally, content creators are fully tied to the platform holders who often do drastic rule changes that lower their revenues.

Phantasma brings a decentralized content distribution system running on the blockchain,
with strong emphasis on privacy and security.

New content paradigm

Email in the current state is built on top of a legacy system with decades of existence. Phantasma breaks free from that mold, introducing a new protocol for message distribution.

From there, we generalized the concept of message distribution to include any type of data. Here comes a new way to distribute email, photos, invoices, movies and much more!

You are the owner

Phantasma runs on top of a crypto-wallet address, initially using the NEO blockchain.

You own the wallet private key, thus you own all content stored in your wallet.

Since everything is encrypted, without the private key nobody can read or steal it from you, not even Phantasma developers can access it.

Connected to the world

Interoperability with existing systems is extremely important in order to ease adoption. Therefore making blockchain technology to end-users is imperative.

Taking email as an example, Phantasma based-mailboxes will be compatible with standard email addresses, thus can communicate with email systems outside the blockchain.

A Blockchain for Storage

By mixing on-chain hashing of content with an off-chain storage system we keep the NEO blockchain free from bloat.
And once the native Phantasma testnet is released smart contracts will be empowered to have full access to this data.

Privacy is also extremely important, so while distributed, all data within Phantasma is encrypted ensuring that no one controls it except yourself.

Also, in order to foster a healthy ecosystem, Phantasma encourages everyone that participates in the network with tokens, including end-users of the dApps.

Our whitepaper is already available, give it a read to get a better understanding of Phantasma.

Phantasma Crowdsale

The Phantasma crowdsale will be conducted via a smart-contract running in the NEO blockchain.
You will need a NEO wallet in order to participate, check the FAQ for more info.


Crowdsale starts: 22 May 00:01 UTC

Join the whitelist to have access to the crowdsale!


SOUL Token

Token Distribution

  • 65% available for private and public sale
  • 20% reserved for team and advisors
  • 15% reserved for platform growth and developer incentives

Projected Use of Contributions

  • 40% reserved for Marketing and Growth
  • 30% reserved for Development
  • 20% reserved for Operations
  • 10% reserved for Legal and Contingency
TypeNEP5 (NEO)
Crowdsale Hardcap10m USD
Token Total Supply100,000,000 SOUL
Tokens available for sale65,000,000 SOUL


We're currently improving the Phantasma demo.
It will be available again soon!

Meanwhile, feel free to check our code in Github.


Platform Roadmap

The development of the Phantasma platform will be divided into multiple phases.
This roadmap is intendend as an outline for how Phantasma intends to continue extending and expanding the platform to achieve the overall goal of decentralized communication.

  • Q3 2017
  • Initial R&D

    Proposal and design of Phantasma. Development of initial Proof of Concept.

  • Q4 2017
  • City Of Zion Competition

    Phantasma participated in the dApp competition organized by City of Zion and was chosen as one of the top winners.

  • Q1 2018
  • PhantasmaMail Demo / NEO Devcon

    Phantasma Protocol and the 1st app, PhantasmaMail, were presented in public for the first time at NEO Devcon, San Francisco.

  • Q2 2018
  • Token Sale

    Phantasma private and public token sale.
    MVPs of the first Phantasma dApp : secure email, for Mobile and Web

  • Q3 2018
  • Phantasma SDK

    Release of Phantasma SDK, which will let any third-party developers start building their own Phantasma based products, along with release of Oracle Nodes, as an example of SDK usage.

  • Q4 2018
  • Relay Nodes / Test Net

    Phantasma relay nodes will allow Phantasma apps to break free from the transaction speed limits of blockchain.
    Start of split of Phantasma from NEO network into its own blockchain, using the NEOX protocol for cross-chain interoperability.

  • Q1 2019
  • Phantasma Storage / Main Net

    Storage nodes will start being rolled out to public, so that anyone can take part of the Phantasma network.
    Porting of the SDK to support native blockchain.
    Release of main net, native tokens to be issued according to NEP5 ownership.

  • Q2 2019
  • Phantasma Digital Commerce

    Digital Commerce app will be released, allowing anyone to deploy their own decentralized e-shop.

  • Q3 2019
  • Service Discover

    A service to discover Phantasma dApps will be created from point, forward, once the third-parties developer support has reached critical mass.

  • Q4 2019
  • Video Streaming

    Phantasma video streaming will be released, as showcase for a dApp with heavy data loads.

The roadmap above is subject to change, according with user demand and market conditions.

Our Team

    Senior developer, smart contract expert and blockchain consultant.
    City of Zion developer.

Sérgio Flores

Co-Founder / Engineer

    Senior BigData, Compilers and Blockchain developer.

Miguel Ferreira

Co-Founder / Engineer

    Product and Business developer. Marketing expert.

Alexandre Paixão

Co-Founder / Product & Marketing

    Economist and accountant. Fiscal and legal expert, experienced entrepreneur.

Sérgio Pereira

Business & Finance

    Software engineer, mobile expert, City of Zion developer.

Bruno Freitas

Mobile / Engineer

    Software engineer, mainly QA, testing, devops.

Bernardo Pinho

QA / Engineer

    UX, web and graphic Designer.

Rafael Barbosa


    Corporate and Cyber Laws attorney.

Arvind Alexander


    Entrepreneur, business expert and blockchain evangelist. M.A in Economics and History.

Laurence Seidler

Advisor / Entrepreneur

    Scientist and technology entrepreneur. Co-Founder and CTO of Bluzelle.

Neeraj Murarka

Advisor / Bluzelle

    Expert in applied cryptography, security and privacy. Author of the Storj protocol and it's underlying DHT, Kadence.

Gordon Hall

Advisor / Kadence

Frequently Asked Questions

Phantasma is a new platform defining both a storage specification and a protocol for sending messages from one source to one or multiple destinations via smart contracts. With Phantasma it is possible to implement emails, chat, oracles, file transfers and other message-based systems on top of a blockchain.

SOUL tokens are the fuel that powers the Phantasma network. Access to data via Phantasma gates and allocating storage space will have a cost in SOUL.
For more information, read the whitepaper.

Phantasma encourages a smart economy model, where access to data can be optionally paid with SOUL, from which a percentage is sent to the platform pool.

The SOUL from this pool is later redistributed to participants of the Phantasma network, replacing the common mining system which is prone to pseudo-centralization. This allows companies and individuals to run their own businesses using the network.

For now, the only way to obain SOUL is to participate in the crowdsale.
It is necessary to register in the whitelist in order to participate. Later the token will available for purchase in exchanges.

To participate in the token sale, you first must register in the whitelist. When the crowdsale start you can then exchange NEO for SOUL tokens using a compatible wallet (eg: Neon wallet).

The sale script hash will be sent via email once the token sale starts. For more information on the contribution process, check out our guide.

To obtain NEO, buy them from an exchange, such as Binance, Kucoin or Bittrex. Once NEO tokens have been obtained from the exchange, transfer NEO to your personal wallet.

NO – any tokens sent from an exchange to the token sale wallet will most likely be lost.

NEO tokens must be sent using NEO wallet compatible with crowdsales. Check out our guide for more information.

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